Man Sues New York Tech Firm for Sexual Harassment


Today in Unfortunate Headlines news, a former account coordinator at a Manhattan tech PR firm has filed suit against his co-workers and his boss. The legal matter addressed in the suit is (alleged) sexual harassment and its dismissal by company executives.

Sound familiar?

We won’t go into too many details as you can read them in the complaint itself:

We’ll just say it looks like a bit of a mess.

In summary, Mr. Joseph Jackson, now-former account coordinator at Manhattan’s OpenCommunications, alleges that two female co-workers repeatedly made a point of both accosting him in person and sending him suggestive messages via text and email. He also claims that, when he complained about the matter to the company’s CEO, he received a not-so-polite brush-off.

The fact that this case involves a man filing a harassment suit against female co-workers goes against all the stereotypes we’ve internalized over the years, but the same principles apply: in a perfect world, everyone wants the assurance that they can do their work in a professional, mutually respectful environment.

Of course offices get overheated at times, and relationships between people who spend a near-majority of their waking hours in the same space can fray as jokes turn serious and egos get bruised. While we of course have no ideas or opinions regarding the validity of this suit, it may serve as a reminder for managers and team leaders to more vigilantly monitor the intricacies of their company culture.

No one wants headlines like these.

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