Males dominate the gender distribution in dating apps, Flurry says

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, mobile app monetization company Flurry released data regarding dating app usage, finding nearly twice as many active male users as active female users.flurry-logo-250-250

More specifically, males accounted for 64 percent of dating app usage and females for 36 percent.

For this report, Flurry analyzed 20 top dating apps, which accounted for 17 million active users delivering more than 2.1 billion sessions in January.

Flurry also broke down gender distribution of dating app users by operating system, finding that iOS had a more balanced distribution, with males accounting for 55 percent of the user base and females for 45 percent. However on Android, males accounted for 66 percent of dating app usage, while females accounted for 34 percent.

Age-wise, Android was the platform of choice among the younger adult crowd, with 38 percent of users under the age of 25.

Lastly, Flurry saw that users generally open their dating apps eight times a week and use the apps for 71 seconds at a time. Flurry saw even more usage on dating apps for gay men, where people usually use them 22 times a week for 99 seconds at a time.

Flurry Valentine's Day 2013 chart 1