Make your mark with SignNow

SignNow is a new app for iOS and Android devices that allows its users to digitally sign and notarize documents. It’s available now as a free download from the App Store and Google Play. This review is based on the iOS version, tested on an iPhone 4S.

SignNow has two main functions — to allow its users to sign documents and send them on to someone else, or to invite someone else to sign a document and send it back. It requires the use of a proprietary account, which is free to sign up for.

Upon starting the app, users can import documents from a variety of sources. They may be brought in from the device’s email app, imported from Dropbox (more accurately, on iOS they may be exported from the Dropbox app using the iOS “Open With…” functionality) or acquired via taking a photo/importing from the device’s camera roll.

Once a document has been imported into the app, the user may open it by tapping on it, and then annotate it by tapping anywhere. This brings up the option to sign the document, add printed text or add today’s date. If the user chooses to sign the document, a landscape-orientation interface appears, allowing the user to sign using their finger and a selection of different colors and pen styles. Once the user is happy with their virtual signature, they may drag it around on the document to ensure it is positioned correctly — the same is true for printed text or dates.

If the document requires a signature from another person, it may be emailed to them directly from within the app. The user receives an email with a link that invites them to download the app to their device or indicate that they have it already installed. Opening the document in the app firstly asks the user to sign it, and then prompts them to create an account afterwards if they choose.

Once documents have been “finished,” they may be emailed to the appropriate people. The app allows its users to organize documents by whether or not they have been signed, and whether they are waiting for the user or another person to sign them. An optional “pro” subscription grants access to additional features including offline support, document templates, professionally drafted legal forms and AirPrint support.

SignNow is an excellent app that does exactly what it says it will with minimum fuss. It is easy to set up and get started with, and the functionality available for free will be enough for most users, while the pro features available via paid subscription offer additional functionality for power users if needed. It’s a very convenient solution for those who need to sign documents/contracts or have them signed by others, and certainly a much more elegant solution than printing documents, signing them by hand and then scanning them back into the computer.

SignNow is not currently listed on the App Store leaderboards. Check back shortly to follow its progress with AppData, our tracking service for mobile and social apps and developers.

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