Make Short HD Videos With Spark Camera

Looking for an app to make little movies with? Check out Spark Camera. The $1.99 iOS app from IDEO lets you record and string together your 720p HD video clips to create 30 second edited videos.

The app has lots of tools and features. You can shoot, edit, add a music soundtrack, and add color filters to the video. You can shoot a series of clips in a row and do an in-camera edit, but you can also shoot a couple of clips and save the video to add to later, while jumping into a new video. The app lets you work on an unlimited amount of videos at a time. You can also remove the last clip that you captured and reshoot it if you like, so you are not stuck with the decision to either delete a whole movie and reshoot it all or just keep the one clip that you don’t like.

Once you are done, you can share your creations directly through Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, iMessage, and AirDrop, but you don’t have to. Or you can just keep it to yourself if you like, unlike Vine. (Via BoingBoing).

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