EMPRESSR – Flash based online application for making presentations

Empressr is flash-based web application that you can use to create presentations. It also has possibility to enable rich media features like streaming video and animation and I think that Flash offer more advantages for offering such services than AJAX because you can import these rich media features in the presentation.

Empressr logo

Empressr features:

  1. Create rich media presentations;
  2. Share them with a client or team members;
  3. Store and access them at any time from any computer;

The presentation making tools and sharing is very nice but I have to agree with oppinion on TechCrunch that they need to worc on presentation creation possibilities.

Empressr allows sharing of presentations, but the creation tools aren’t there yet and there is no import/export to powerpoint (or PDF) available. Look for future versions to include these features.

Other web presentation tools: Zoho Show, Thumbstacks

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