‘Make Click’ On Borat‘s ‘Official Home Site’


Will Borat suffer from Snakes-like hype?

We’re certainly not experts in predicting box office returns, but unlike Snakes On A Plane — which, despite fan-driven pre-movie hype, generally underperformed — we’re getting the feeling the upcoming Borat movie is going to be “I liked” by a lot of people. The reason? Its pre-hype is actually funny.

Case in point: Borat’s “Official Home Site” — a promotional Web site so poorly designed, it’s absolutely perfect. Borat, the Kazakhstanian character played by Sacha Baron Bohen, encourages users to “make click” on links, “look on my reportings” and “please be my frend on the MYSPACES!!!”

The site also includes links to Amazon to purchase Da Ali G Show DVDs that include Borat’s controversial performance of “Throw the Jew Down the Well,” as well as a video response to the government of Kazakhstan, which said Cohen “is serving someone’s political order designed to present Kazakhstan and its people in a derogatory way” following a Borat appearance at the MTV Europe Music Awards.

Says Borat: “I innocent of the accusings.”

Borat Official Home Site


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