Make a Halloween Costume With This App

Are you thinking about your Halloween costume yet? Look no further than your phone. Digital Dudz is a free app that lets you turn yourself into a spooky costumed lurker ready for Halloween night.

You do have to buy a Digital Dudz t-shirt to get started. Then use the app to bring the shirt to life in a creepy way. You can create flesh wounds, zipper wounds or turn your shirt into a haunter mansion portrait. Then you duct tape your phone into the shirt to play back creepy animations.

Check it out:

Proudly display your beating heart to your friends as you relate the pain associated with unzipping your very chest. The Zipper iWound is made of latex and is specially designed to hold your mobile device snugly. Double tapping the beating heart will toggle through 4 additional videos including snakes, maggots, gears and a tarantula.

Follow this link to check out a video demo. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices.