Majority of Smartphone Owners Use Them to Access News

Americans love their phones.

According to a new report from Pew Research Center, a majority of American smartphone owners use their devices to check the news. The study found that 68 percent of smartphone owners at least occasionally use their phones to “follow along with breaking news events,” with 33 percent doing so frequently.

Of those who said they used their smartphones to follow the news, 75 percent were ages 30 to 49. Millennials — ages 18 to 29 — were second, at 72 percent. Even older Americans are in on this, as 42 percent of those ages 65+ used their phones to access the news.

News companies have long known this trend to be true. That’s why we see so many resources — and staff — dedicated to mobile tech. The future of the news is in America’s hands. Literally.