Major Media Oulets Report Kimo Leopoldo’s Death, Leopoldo Is Surprised

1Kimo Leopoldo.jpgFact checking be damned. When an online rumor started circulating that retired mixed martial artist Kimo Leopoldo had died late Monday night, several news outlets ran with it. The New York Daily News, USA Today, the OC Register, the Huffington Post, and TMZ all reported the death of a man who was very much alive.

And TMZ was looking so good after breaking the news of Michael Jackson’s death.

There’s a lesson in here about the perils of cannibalizing other news sites instead of doing the reporting yourself, the idiocy of laying off all those seasoned investigative reporters, and the importance of basic fact-checking skills. But if no one else is going to learn it, why should we?

Hey everybody – Erik Estrada is dead. Pass it on.