MagShapes? Magazine Executives To Deejay ‘After-Party’ In Desert

brandon_holley_drums_jane.jpgAs the magazine industry gets ready for two of its biggest events — the American Magazine Conference in Arizona and Folio: Show in New York — both scheduled, inexpicably, for early next week, we’d like to point out the following event scheduled for Monday night at AMC:

The Monday night program at AMC 2006 will close with the first-ever “AMC Afterparty,” featuring six magazine executives as guest deejays.

Yes, TV Guide editor Ian Birch, FHM president Dana Fields, Urb publisher Raymond Roker, Jane editor Brandon Holley, Dennis Publishing group publisher Rob Gregory and Rodale CEO Steve Murphy will do their best MisShapes impression as fellow magazine executives presumably drown their advertising worries in cactus juice. Despite eclectic, surprisingly DJ-worthy backgrounds, expect songs you’ve definitely heard before.

Holley, who once turned down an opportunity to be Luscious Jackson’s drummer for a fact-checking gig at Rolling Stone, explains why Young MC may make her setlist:

I was a dancer on Club MTV. Before you judge me, I want to say that I tried out as a joke. Me, Alex Kuczynski and Mickey Boardman from Paper were so infinitely bored by the show Club MTV that we decided that the only fun way to watch the show (which was on around the clock) would be if we were on it. So we got drunk midday in 1989 and went down to the Palladium to try out. Alex did the dance of the seven veils as her tryout. She didn’t make the cut. I was on for about six months when “Bust a Move” was huge. I learned to do that weird running-while-standing-still dance to this song, which was de rigueur among my fellow dancers. If you ever catch a rerun, I’m the girl with the short white hair and bizarre hats. Downtown Julie Brown was not so nice, by the way.

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