Magazine Readers Apparently Grow Older, Lose Income

Last week FishbowlNY told you how Golf Digest’s iPad audience made an average of $60K more than their print audience, and we pointed out that this was because young people are more likely to buy an iPad and then read magazines on the device. Today Ad Age backs up our point with numbers, so of course we’re going to share that with you.

According to stats from GfK MRI, print readers are decreasing, and those who are staying are getting older and making less money:

But nearly 65% of the 188 titles – which we’re comparing because they appear in both the new research and the equivalent report a year earlier – lost audience even as the adult population grew. Another 65% saw their readers’ median age climb faster than it did for Americans as a whole. And 70% saw their readers’ median household income drop more than it did among Americans in general.

There could be a few reasons for this, but as Ad Age points out, the numbers here don’t take into account people who now use iPads or other tablets to read magazines.

iPad users are the youngest and richest of magazines’ audience, which is why it seems like magazines’ audiences are getting older and losing money. Once more stats are available that take into account the demographics of tablet readers, we’re sure the numbers for magazines will pick back up.

See? Numbers (when they support what you think) are fun and exciting.