Magazine Audiences Increase by 6 Percent in First Half of 2016

A good sign.


According to the latest Magazine Media 360 brand audience report from the MPA, magazine audiences increased by an average of six percent during the first half of 2016.

The 360 report analyzes 135 brands from 10 different companies across a variety of platforms.

The biggest winners for the first half were travel and women’s mags, both up 15 percent compared to the first half of 2015.

As for individual brands, ESPN The Magazine boasted the largest audience and Domino had the biggest increase compared to last year:

Top 10 Magazine Brands

First Half 2016 Average Audience

Top 10 Magazine Brands

Average Audience Growth

First Half 2016 vs. First Half 2015

Magazine Total Brand Audience 


MagazineTotal Brand Audience
1. ESPN The Magazine98,2541. Domino86%
2. People79,4512. Esquire63%
3. WebMD Magazine59,1313. Harper’s Bazaar41%
4. Forbes57,4254. Fit Pregnancy and Baby39%
5. Allrecipes50,6265. The New Yorker36%
6. Better Homes and Gardens47,2836. GQ33%
7. AARP45,1857. Teen Vogue33%
8. Time44,6508. Fortune32%
9. Sports Illustrated36,7459. The Atlantic31%
10. Businessweek36,56810. Condé Nast Traveler30%