Mag Wars, Polish-Style: Outrage Over Breastfeeding Angela Merkel Cover

Some bizarre international magazine news of note: Conservative Polish newsweekly Wprost is trying their best to cause an international fracas. The cover of their latest issue features German Chancellor Angela Merkel breastfeeding Polish President Lech Kaczynski and Prime Minister Jaroslaw Kaczynski — who, by the way, are identical twins. German newspapers aren’t too happy. Bild criticized its “tastelessness” and the Kolner Stadt-Anzeiger complained of Merkel being “mocked” and “ridiculed.” But that’s not all: It turns out the magazine used a 21-year-old body model for the 52-year-old Chancellor:

“We imagined it to be a little funny,” Janecki says. “The stepmother is often more sexy and more friendly that the real mother is. The body is of a young, 21-year-old model. I would say it is quite a nice body, and we didn’t want to say anything bad about Ms. Merkel.” He says they got the image from a model agency the magazine works with and they were looking for somebody “who was not so thin but someone who also has a good body.”

  • Nude Merkel Montage Raises … Eyebrows [Der Spiegel]