Fans Set to Download Madonna at Midnight

A trailer for Madonna’s secretprojectrevolution went up on YouTube a few weeks ago and has racked up several hundred thousand views. But chances are the full 17-minute version of the film being teased, co-directed with Steven Klein, will generate a lot more Internet activity.

The short spearheads Art For Freedom, a global digital freedom-of-expression initiative led by the singer in partnership with VICE. Starting at midnight ET tonight, secretprojectrevolution will be available for free download at BitTorrent.

Madonna describes the initiative as a public art project designed to encourage the world to “express their personal meaning of freedom and revolution, in the form of video, music, poetry and photography.” In other words, voguing on a grassroots, global scale.

Those planning to make public submissions are encouraged to use the hashtag #artforfreedom. The BitTorrent Bundle package being made available tonight includes an interview with Madonna done by VICE chief creative officer Eddy Moretti that will also be mirrored at Madonna’s YouTube channel.

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