From 3 Martini Lunches To 140 Characters – How Marketing Has Evolved Since Mad Men [INFOGRAPHIC]

If social networking had existed in the Mad Men era, would Don Draper have used Twitter?

Somehow, I can’t see it. But I think he would have absolutely recognised the value, and the innovation that Twitter and other social platforms inspire would have really appealed to his creative brain. Peggy would have been writing beautifully-crafted tweets minutes after she was first promoted to copywriter, and Roger Sterling – resistant as he would inevitably have been at first – would ultimately have become one of the funniest sources of one-liners Twitter would ever see from Madison Avenue.

But social media wasn’t around in Don’s day, and marketing has changed enormously since the 1960s. Or maybe the business has stayed the same, and it’s simply the medium that has changed? Are the Pepsi and McDonald’s campaigns of the 1960s and 1970s really all that different to what Old Spice was doing a couple of years ago? It’s all relative, of course, but were they any less innovative? Or effective?

Check the very nicely-designed infographic below for a history of marketing from the Mad Men era until the present day. Nobody knows what advertising delights to expect over the next fifty years, but there’s one thing that Don Draper has said that is certainly true: technology is, and always will be, a glittering lure.

(Source: Responsys.)