The Prediction of the Year

In our humble opinion, it belongs to Mad magazine editor in chief John Ficarra.

At the very beginning of 2015, Mad magazine editor in chief John Ficarra told Tech Times the following while speaking about the publication’s “20 Dumbest” 2014 issue:

Donald Trump was strangely quiet this year. I can’t imagine that tranquility lasting much longer so I wouldn’t be surprised by his return to the 20. Oddly, though he’s been on our 20 Dumbest list more times than Kim Kardashian, the staff never seems to grow tired of making fun of him.”

As we all know, not only did The Donald put an end to that tranquility in 2015. He made so much noise in the second half of the frame that he sits at the very top of this year’s “Dumbest” Mad issue, which hit newsstands Dec. 15.

In an interview about the 2015 year-end issue with website MStarz, Ficarra dotted the magnitude of his spot-on prediction by explaining that this year, for one of the rare times in the history of the “Dumbest” dishonor roll, there was no internal editorial fight about #1:

“Trump won it in a cake walk. I hope that’s not true about the election too! He just continues to earn the cover every day. So we’re pretty confident in our selection this year.”

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