Maarten Baas ‘Designer of the Year’ for Design Miami/


Dutch designer Maarten Baas is certainly no stranger to the Miami design/art show scene, most recently with his melty furniture presentation last December. But while he already had close connections, now he will remain forever attached, as Baas has this week been named “Designer of the Year” by Design Miami/. The award places now places him in the company of people like Marc Newson and Zaha Hadid, who have also taken home the prize. And, like previous years, with the title comes the call to create a special installation for the design/art show (his will be called “Cabinet”), which will be revealed when everything kicks off December 1st. So you’re all prepped with your Baas trivia, we recommend hitting up Dezeen, for their nice batch of photos of the man in action and Wallpaper* for a nice recap of his career thus far.