Lyroke review

Lyroke is a Facebook game from We R Interactive, last seen with the excellent, well-presented and highly original first-person “soccer life” game I AM PLAYR, which we reviewed here. The new game, which is available on both Facebook and iOS, continues the developer’s pattern of producing high-quality, universally appealing games that are simple to understand but hard to master. This review is based on the Facebook version.

Lyroke is a music-based game, but rather than testing players’ sense of rhythm or song-identification skills, it instead tests their knowledge of song lyrics in a fast-paced “fill in the blank” challenge. Players select a song from the modestly-sized library of available tracks and are then presented with the official video, with lyrics overlaid. Every few lines, the lyrics will have a gap in them and the player will be presented with three possible words to go in the space. The player must pick what they think is the correct answer either by clicking on it or by using the number keys 1, 2 or 3. The faster they choose, the more points they will score, and the more correct answers they score in succession, the higher their score multiplier will climb — but missing a lyric or choosing the incorrect answer will reset their multiplier.

As the player progresses through a song, they pick up silver, gold and platinum awards for various achievements ranging from accuracy to streaks of correct answers. Scoring platinum discs on certain songs by a particular artist unlocks additional tracks, but these may also be unlocked by spending the game’s currency of “stars.”

Stars provide the game’s means of monetization, and are used for a variety of purposes. Playing a song usually requires the expenditure of stars, for example, though the player is sometimes provided with tickets for a free play of certain songs. They may also be used to unlock content without having to meet the prerequisite requirements, and also to purchase powerups before a song is played. These powerups come in four types — a “kickstart” begins a song with a multiplier already in place; a shield prevents the score multiplier from being erased by a mistake; “panic bombs” automatically provide the correct answer; and “score freeze” items give the player additional time to pick their answer. Each powerup has several different tiers available, with higher tiers being both more expensive and more effective.

An award of stars is given to players as a daily bonus, with larger bonuses going to those players who have more friends playing. Stars may also be acquired through in-app purchase and earned via an offer wall. It’s a simple system, though the play-throttling effect for free players may be discouraging for some.

Social features for the game include the facility to brag about high scores upon the completion of a track, and a newly-added asynchronous multiplayer mode allows players to directly send challenges to their friends. The simple but fun nature of the gameplay means that the game has the potential to become highly competitive thanks to the latter feature.

Lyroke is an excellent game. It’s beautifully presented, with a clear, colorful and intuitive interface and good (though not great) quality video for the songs. There’s a reasonable amount of content on offer for players to work their way through, and this will likely expand over time. Most importantly, though, it’s a highly playable, extremely addictive game whose simplicity is its greatest strength. It’s an interesting and fresh take on the music quiz genre, and looks set to be a hit with music fans the world over — and deservedly so. We R Interactive are certainly showing themselves to be a developer well worth watching.

Lyroke currently occupies the 100,000+ MAU tier with a rank of 901, and the 10,000+ DAU tier with a rank of 1,412. Follow its progress with AppData, our tracking service for social games and developers.


We R Interactive scores another hit.