Lunch at Michael’s: St. Pat’s Hangover Edition

Call it vacation season. Call it the week after BrokawSchieffer. We’ll call it a pre-Spring, post-Kelly Gang bash hangover, but it was unusually quiet at Michael’s today. Still, unlike, say, the F train, Michael’s cleans up well after an evening of charitable debauchery, and the decor was sparkling as usual.

So, too, was our table (left), where we lunched with Ed Koller of Howard Sloan Koller with EVP Karen Danziger, BusinessWeek head honcho Bill Kupper and new-Aussie import Babe Scott, a tall blonde with an infectious smile (and daughter named Bondi— why do Australians always have cool names?) and a promising magazine concept she’s been flaunting around town. Speaking of magazines, Time Inc. editor-in-chief John Huey noshed with Time Warner’s EVP of corporate communications Ed Adler — perhaps recapping the first 100 days of Huey’s regime, or yesterday’s multi-million-dollar settlement with 23 states over the company’s subscription renewal practices. Or both.

The full list:

1: HarperCollins’ head Jane Friedman, in a brown-floral top, holding court with three others.

2: Time Inc. editor-in-chief John Huey and Time Warner corporate communications EVP Ed Adler.

3: Wayne Kabak co-COO of the William Morris Agency with another gentleman in all-black.

4: Gil Schwartz (a.k.a Stanley Bing) with New York Times TV editor Steve Reddicliffe. Gil (or was it Bing?) schmoozed it up with Friedman on his way out.

5: Ex-Variety publisher Gerry Byrne with a film producer.

6: SFM Entertainment‘s Stanley H. Moyer.

7: Men’s fashion mogul Barry Wishnow and someone.

8: ASME executive director Marlene Kahan, in a brown-checked wool blazer, matching skirt and black high-heel boots, with Sports Illustrated managing editor Terry McDonell.

9: Chris Taylor with Betsy Perry, of the Milken Institute and an executive in Mayor Bloomberg’s office.

11: The always-fashionable author Pamela Keogh and veteran journalist and author Michael Gross, both Vassar alums. Keogh stopped by Huey’s table to chat with Adler, a fellow-Vassar grad.

12: Marshall Cohen, formerly SVP of AOL-Time Warner lunching with Betsy Frank, formerly a Viacom EVP. “Call it the ‘formerly lunch,'” said Cohen. OK.

14: Big-time Simon & Schuster editor Alice Mayhew.

15: Cyberhostess Laurel Touby, mediabistro managing editor Dylan Stableford, Ed Koller of Howard Sloan Koller with EVP Karen Danziger, BusinessWeek president Bill Kupper and new-Aussie import Babe Scott. We discussed, among other things, magazine start-ups, what constitutes a Cobb salad and golf club membership dues — which, we’ll admit, shocked the hell out of us.

16: Random House’s Mark Gompertz with Vanity Fair‘s David Friend. Friend, of course, wrote the VF-thick Oscar Night history. We wonder if Jon Stewart‘s performance this year will make the next pressing.

17: Joshua Nash of PBS with William Baker, WNET president.

18: Cablevision SVP Barry Frey and someone.

20: Glamour‘s eyecatching editor Cindi Leive in classic black with Glenn McMahon, president of Dolce & Gabbana US.

26: Mary Murphy, formerly of CBS News, with Patrick Murphy, who works with an academic development company in DC.

Back room: Jon Omer, VP of Harry Winston jewelers. We forgot to check out his bling. Next time.

51: A bespectled Neil Lascher with a dashing woman in a velvet suit and colorful scarf.

If you were at Michael’s today (or any day) and would like to report in, or correct the record, please email LaurelT AT

Map of Michael’s