Lunch at Michael’s: Monday in Brief

We were busy feting our fantastic DC rock star blogger, Brian Stelter (AKA at Michael’s, so we apologize that this is a very brief and distracted “issue,” if that’s what one would call it. We will do better on Wednesday. We promise.

[In the meantime, you may send us little updates re: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner sightings at Michael’s. We will post them as we have time/energy and inclination. But, DO send them to LaurelT AT mediabistro DOT com. Thanks for all your help!]

Table 1: Lisa Dallos, Nathaniel Brown (who does PR for XM Networks, Joanna Jordan, CEO of Central Talent Booking, Matt Hiltzik, president and CEO, Freud Communications and Todd Polkes, a Senior Producer of Larry King Live.

Table 2: Lisa D., who was here? Table beside you. Two gents. You kissed them coming in.

Table 6: Our table. TVNewser, Brian Stelter, Kyle Crafton, mb’s Publisher and me.

Table 16: Beth Brenner, vp/publisher, Domino magazine, Stephanie Smith, mag beat writer, mediaweek; Amy Peck, Director of PR, Domino magazine.

Table 18: Steven Cohen, Producer, The Early Show with Sherri Rollins, Executive Vice President, Network Communications, ABC Television Network.

Map of Michael’s (yay! it’s complete)