Lunch at Michael’s: Atoosa and Jossip

Surprise! It’s not Wednesday, but we heard that Atoosa Rubenstein was going to be shooting a TV spot with Jossip‘s David Hauslaib and so we rushed over there to get into a frame or two. Alas, we were on the late side at 12:30; they were already packing up the cameras. Here are some of our Monday musings anyway.

Table 1: Beverly Sills, with Marlene Hess.

2: Founder of, Jack Myers, with Arlene ?

3: Joe Armstrong with Barbara Liberman and another woman.

4: Owen Laster, head of William Morris, with someone else.

5: Gerald Schoenfeld, with Ellen Easton (who’s mom makes designs with sugar).

6: The fabulous Steve Rubenstein, with Bill Wolff, vp of primetime programming at MSNBC and Richard Kaplan, president of MSNBC and another woman (also with MSNBC?).

7: Sherry Rawlins and JoLee Hunt

8: New York Social Diary’s David Patrick Columbia with a very serious looking blogger, Ron Mwangaguhunga, who does Corsair.

14: Herb Siegel.

15: David Hirshey, with the fantastically witty Susan Lehman, who wrote the just-out book “Mouthpiece” with Edward Hayes. “I made up every word,” she quipped, in between bites of her Cobb.

16: Lloyd Boston, apparently, with three women. He was handing out copies of “Before You Put That On,” his latest book.

18: Arthur Schlesinger, with Barry Landau.

19: We were at this table with Matthew Hiltzik, the uber PR guy who launched Freud PR in NY. His latest client catch: Katie Couric.

22: Peter Asher, a big-wig at Sony, wearing a wild yellow shirt and a checked jacket.

25: Business Week‘s “MediaCentric” columnist Jon Fine (and our husband), with Yahoo!’s Chief Sales Officer Wenda Harris Millard and Cara Leggett, director of Communications there. Wenda, we’ve been watching you since your ad agency days. Join our Board, you superstar.

27: Atoosa Rubenstein looking very celeb-like with two Jossips and a CNN camera crew.

Anna Quindlen
Joan Jakobson
Fred Grhahm
Larry Ashmead
, agent at InkWell

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