Luis Acosta’s Design Chosen for New NYC Condom Wrapper

Back in mid-December, New York’s Department of Health and Mental Hygiene kicked off a competition to find a companion for Yves Behar‘s original NYC Condom wrapper design. Last month, we gave you the list of the finalists, and now we return to tell you that a winner has been selected. It’s the 29-year old designer Luis Acosta, who picked up the win with his computer power button-like, red and yellow design. Personally speaking, it wasn’t our favorite of the five shortlisted out of close to 600 entries, but it was also far superior to some of the others. Here’s a bit from the NY Daily News about the winner and the stats behind his win:

Acosta, who lives in Kew Gardens, Queens, has a day job with the marketing department of Weidlinger Associates, an engineering company in downtown Manhattan. He created the edgy logo in his free time.

His limited-edition design won 23% of the vote, with others running close. A top hat earned 21%; a colorful circle design won 20%. A manhole cover and a train design got 19% and 17%, respectively.