Luigi Sets Up Shop in Washington

Washington journalists who want another option for their hairdos may get it with a Roman hairstylist who is opening his own salon . Feel like straying from the George Salon at the Four Seasons where some of you female TV journos go? If so, some of you may get to meet Luigi Parasmo at an upcoming party on April 9 to celebrate his new business.

His philosophy: “I think everyone who steps in to my chair has an inner beauty, and I like to discover that beauty,” he says. “To me, the word beautiful is not what’s in society’s fashion magazines – beauty can be a busy working woman, a mother, a daughter, my friend. …My goal is to help my clients find that inner wow- factor.”

Correction and clarification: Luigi is from Rome, but he has been cutting hair in Washington at famed salons such as Erwin Gomez’s now shuttered salon and Toka. He will now open his own salon. The above was altered to reflect this.