Loyola Marymount Finally Adds a Journalism Minor

It took Loyola Marymount University English professor Linda Bannister roughly ten years. But beginning next spring semester, the fruits of her labor will finally be on the school’s curriculum: the option for students of a journalism minor.

Up until now, LMU has offered only a Journalism Certificate. The minor will come in especially handy for students planning to apply to graduate journalism school and has been designed to also serve the university’s social justice mission. From the school’s recent announcement:

According to Bannister, the minor will require 21 units including four required courses: “The Language of Journalism” (or “Writing for Journalism”), “Journalism: New Media,” one course in community journalism or specialized journalism and one 400-level Capstone course with backpack journalism and long-form focus.

Bannister is particularly excited about the 400-level Capstone course, which she says will expose students “to the civic landscape of Los Angeles.” According to Bannister, students will acquire first-hand experience in journalism as they work on a long-form project grounded in interviews. The projects will be focused on issues prominent in the community and will be featured on LMU’s website and beyond.

Arguably the most famous journalist to have come through LMU so far (via law school) is the late Tony Blankley, of Washington Times and Left, Right and Center public radio program fame.

@hollywoodspin rhorgan@gmail.com Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.