Love the Sinner, Hate the Sin (but the other way around and for architects)


An interesting, dish-y piece from Phillip Nobel over at Metropolis. It’s “I [heart] IIT…But I Still Don’t Like Rem.” In part it’s about his love of the Koolhaas-designed student center at the Illinois Institute of Technology, but also about his unfortunate personal run-ins with the famous architect. So you’ve got both sides of a good story, some juicy gossip and some heartfelt sincere appreciation. And if this doesn’t convince you to skip the regular tourist-y haunts the next time you’re in Chicago, your Navy Piers and your Michigan Avenue chain pizza restaurants, and instead go take in one of the most magnificent collections of modern architecture you’ll ever see, then you, dear reader, are a helpless case. Here’s a bit:

But I forgot all that when I walked into the student center. And not only because they had pinball and it was pouring outside. I loved it — from the cheeky Mies portrait on the door (worked up as a pointillist collage of wayfinding symbols by graphics collaborators 2×4) to the devious section of the thing (the building sliding under the train and the cafeteria sliding in turn under the building), and the orange-hued honeycomb panels in the windows that look back across State Street, grabbing chance images of the classic Mies buildings there and pulling them in to be seen in a new light. Spunky decor and smart art history met on the same ground.