LOST FOUND: The Numbers

(kudos to anyone who gets the title reference…It is Wednesday after all…And we know what happens on Wednesdays…)

After refusing to release subscription numbers for quite some time, the NYT Company today announced the number of subscribers they have to their TimesSelect program.

Read the full release here. Although the release’s headline is “TimesSelect Surpasses 270,000 Subscribers in Less Than Two Months” that’s slightly fuzzy math (which, to their credit, they essentially admit in the body of their release): Only half of that number are online-only subscribers (the remainder are print subscribers who get a free TimesSelect membership with their subscription).

A few thoughts…

  • 135,000? Not bad…Given much of the negative publicity that surrouned NYT’s TimesSelect announcement, the number seems surprisingly high. This has to be good news for the NYT…and a sign of things to come for other papers?
  • The NYT has well over a million print subscribers. How come they’re only able to convince 135,000 to also register for their free TimesSelect subscription online? (Could it be that, like me, some print subscribers are unable to get NYT Customer Service to respond to our technical difficulties logging in?

(Related: Oh and looky here–now that Maureen Dowd has a book to promote, she seems to have gotten over her well-known disdain for TimesSelect and is now getting with the program…)