Los Angeles Makes ‘Meatless Mondays’ Official

We can all agree that most Americans (ourselves included) would benefit from eating a little less meat. It’s not that meat isn’t delicious or that it’s always unhealthy; it’s just that we tend to rely a little too much on beef and bread.

You may have heard of “Meatless Monday”, a public health PR campaign created in 2003 by marketing vet Sid Lerner and promoted by the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine‘s Center for a Livable Future in order to make healthy dietary choices more palatable to the otherwise distracted masses. Why Monday? Turns out we’re more receptive to healthy messages after indulging in the excesses of the average weekend (beer, football, BBQ…you know the deal).

Last week the Los Angeles City Council decided, by unanimous vote, to declare all LA Mondays “meatless” and to incorporate the message into its regular operations. What does this mean, exactly? We imagine that the subsequent PR campaign will resemble a much smaller version of Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move!” project. The city’s mayor might even make a guest appearance on The Biggest Loser (hint hint).

Of course, the city can’t require anyone to suffer through every miserable Monday without the delicious life-giving taste of flesh…

But that hasn’t stopped a few interested parties from crying “fascist!” or insisting that this questionable public health stunt is really just the next step in a devious plot to punish our nation’s struggling cattle ranchers (because if there’s one thing Americans should consume more of, it’s red meat).

What do we think—can this PR campaign really do any good? What’s the most effective way for the local government to encourage its citizens to eat better? Aren’t most LA natives already obsessed with health and fitness, or do we just watch too much E!?