Los Angeles My Open Bar Opens — Cheapskates Rejoice


FBLA loves a party and we hate having to pay for cocktails. Just in time, MyOpenBar launches a version for Los Angelenos, listing weekly events where the drinks are always complimentary or extremely cheap, thanks to major liquor promoters. Flackette Susan Self sent us the info:

LA.MyOpenBar.com is a freeloader’s dream come true, providing up-to-the minute information about beer and liquor company promotions, art openings, exceptional happy hours and club events–any place where the drinks (or food) is on the house.

Started in 2005 by two broke Brooklyn musicians, Seva Granik and Jason Fried, MyOpenBar was a way to get the word out about free booze to their equally impoverished friends, without running up a huge phone bill.

“New York City was just a dry run for LA” states Seva Granik, MOB founder. “Let’s face it, with all the out-of-work actors milling around the city, there’s an obvious, unmet demand for free booze and MyOpenBar intends to fill the void.”

Spoken like an out-of-towner. In LA, actors have to be up early, but underemployed screenwriters can stay out all night. Nobody free-loads like a writer.