Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art Under Investigation for Campaign Contributions

While the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art has found itself in the middle of a financial crisis and is being investigated by the state’s attorney general to look into what happened to all their money, Art Info is reporting that another museum in the city is now facing financial questions. The Los Angeles County Museum of Art is being investigated for spending $900,000 to fund a campaign to increase the city’s sales tax while simultaneously asking for $6 million in tax money to fund their museum operations. This, of course, doesn’t quite sit so well with a lot of people and so they’ve found themselves at the wrong end of the government’s administrative attack dogs. Probably also doesn’t help that the museum is still running around with Renzo Piano at the moment, spending their new $55 million in donations along the way. Here’s a bit:

County officials believed the donation was inappropriate. “If they have nearly $1 million to spend on campaigns, then they obviously don’t need additional funds to operate their facility,” said county CEO Bill Fujioka, whom the board has directed to look into the matter.

…”It’s reprehensible that they would use nearly $1 million to engage in a campaign to increase taxes that does not enhance the museum’s art collection,” said County Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich.