Former Surfwear Executive Rides L.A. Home Repossessions Wave

There’s an intriguing profile in the November issue of Los Angeles magazine of Steve Jones, a former Quiksilver surfwear exec who has gained a foothold in the high-risk realm of local residential real estate flipping. His Better Shelter sideline became so successful that he left his clothing gig for good in 2007.

Jones, who splits up the LA region with a partner, shares how his real estate endeavors began rather inauspiciously back in 2001:

One morning, when he was staying at the Standard hotel in West Hollywood for a work event, Jones went for a jog and happened upon a rundown property that was for sale. It had four garden apartments with a 1920s storybook cottage in the rear… There would be a two-year renovation before Jones filled the front units with renters and moved into the guest house.

Man… When we go jogging around the Sunset Strip, all we think about is whether or not Dan Aykroyd still comes anywhere near the House of Blues Foundation Room. Just goes to show what can happen when you take off the iPod and start to really drink in your LA surroundings. Especially if you are a lean 6’2″ 50-year-old who, per reporter Marissa Gluck, “could pass for David Byrne’s younger brother.”

Take me to the rivets…