This Laker Girl Has a Journalism Degree

JenniferAlbeanuLakerGirlAccording to Orange County Register reporter Lou Ponsi, seven of the current 22 Laker Girls have “strong ties to Orange County.” Which makes perfect sense and, quite frankly, is as good an excuse as any for a Web article slide show.

Of the seven women highlighted, the one that caught FishbowlLA’s eye is 28-year-old Fullerton native Jennifer Albeanu (pictured). That’s because we had no idea there was a journalist embedded to the current squad.

Albeanu graduated from Cal State Long Beach with a degree in journalism and PR. Although her current day job is at an equestrian center, there’s no stopping her from putting those reporting skills to work, post-Laker Girls. Perhaps one of the team’s TV broadcasters can convince the organization to let her contribute a piece during this current season, her first on the cheerleading squad.

There are in fact a half-dozen other current Laker girls who have graduated or are currently studying in the communications-PR-journalism field. This group includes Natasha from Chino Hills, a broadcast journalism student at Fullerton College, and Albeanu’s fellow Cal State Long Beach alumnus Heather, who has a degree in communications.

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