LA Community College Battling Some Familiar Newspaper Problems

Is any publicity good publicity? Not when the topic of the USA TODAY article is U.S. college newspaper woes and the editor of Harbor Tides at Los Angeles Harbor College is the lede:

Joseph Valdez says he has seen his newspaper’s budget “cut drastically” the past two years. His print paper may soon be eliminated, as the push continues to take news to what many see as newspapers’ ultimate destination: the Internet, with all of its uncertain profitability…

“They’ve cut Journalism 101 here,” Valdez says. “Without that, there’s nowhere for students to learn how to write for a newspaper. You can’t learn it in an English class.”

The 23-year-old sophomore’s USA TODAY article mates include UC Berkeley’s The Daily Californian. That 141-year-old, deficit-riddled publication’s future is in jeopardy after a planned two-dollar student surcharge to support the paper was challenged and put on hold. Tough times.

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