Irish Media Heaping Galaxy of Hurt Upon Robbie Keane

As we well know, they take their soccer very seriously in the  United Kingdom British Isles. A prime media target in Ireland for years now has been Robbie Keane, derisively labeled one of the sport’s mercenary offenders.

And guess what? Jumping to the Los Angeles Galaxy this week has done nothing to improve his domestic image. Per a report on, local sportswriters are jumping all over Keane once again. But contributor Cathal Dervan says he has no intention of joining the boo chorus:

I, for one, am not going to condemn Robbie Keane for taking the dollars on offer in Los Angeles. I am loathe to condemn Robbie Keane full stop…

After scoring 51 goals in an Irish shirt Robbie can do what he wants as far as I am concerned, and that’s exactly what he did this week–he did what he wants to do. He paid no attention to the tabloid or broadsheet experts who told him to opt for Leicester rather than LA.

On August 28, the Galaxy are scheduled to take on the New York Red Bulls and French striker Thierry Henry. For disgruntled Irish soccer fans, a late-summer mini Ireland-France showdown can hopefully provide a brief modicum of relief from the hate.