Judge Throws Out Frank McCourt Marriage Document

It was a close play at Superior Court home plate. But at the end of today’s legal inning, divorcing Los Angeles Dodgers owner Frank McCourt appears to have come up short.

The losing attorney team immediately started arguing the call – no surprise there. But from our non-law school perspective, today’s pronouncement really does seem to tilt the battle over co-ownership of the MLB team back in Jamie’s favor.

Per Bloomberg News:

The marital agreement was ruled invalid, making Jamie McCourt a co-owner, according to her spokesman, Mark Fabiani. Her ex-husband’s lawyer disagreed.

“Frank McCourt is the sole owner of the Dodgers,” Marc Seltzer, his lawyer, said in an e-mailed statement. “Any media reports to the contrary are just wrong. This ruling does nothing to change the ownership of the Dodgers. Even without the marital property agreements in place, Jamie has no rights to the team.”

Sorry, Mr. Seltzer. But that sounds like a real 7th inning stretch.