Looks Like Michael Bloomberg Isn’t Much of a ‘With All Due Respect’ Fan After All

And he has a nickname for the hosts.

Photo Credit: Rubenstein via Wikimedia Commons
Photo Credit: Rubenstein via Wikimedia Commons
Photo Credit: Rubenstein via Wikimedia Commons

When Mark Halperin and John Heilemann‘s Bloomberg TV show With All Due Respect was expanded from 30 minutes to an hour in the fall, the announcement was somewhat surprising, considering rumors seemed to indicate the show could have gone from 30 minutes to canceled instead. Michael Bloomberg, as the whispers went, wasn’t a fan.

What Bloomberg told the Huffington Post in a statement following the announcement of WADR’s new hour-long format was that he’d “become a devotee of Bloomberg Politics. It’s an important part of our TV line-up and our strategy, giving our customers the news and people they need going into election season. I fully support it.”

How long he’d support the show, and its hosts, was the question that remained, and the end of 2016 is the likely answer to that question. HuffPost, Politico and The Washington Post are all reporting today that, according to unnamed sources, Michael Bloomberg indicated during a Thursday meeting at the Bloomberg Washington bureau that he didn’t expect Halperin and Heilemann to stay at the organization past the elections.

The speculative reason for the speculative departure is that Halperin and Heilemann will be writing another book.

Another, shall we say, interesting, thing that happened at the meeting is that Bloomberg disclosed his nicknames for the hosts: Haldeman and Ehrlichman, as in H.R. Haldeman and John Ehrlichman, two Nixon-era aides who served time for their role in the Watergate scandal. “The comparison was made ‘playfully,’ in the word of one source,” writes Erik Wemple.