Looking Over Two Decades of Art Thievery


Due to the recent glut of art thefts lately, from the embarrassment in Sao Paulo to this week’s retrieval of half the paintings stolen in Zurich, you’re probably like us in wondering, “Is the economy this bad, that people have switched from robbing banks filled with failing currencies, and have turned to lifting art?” Luckily, Reuters has answered that question in the form of a list of the most high profile art thefts. Turns out, over the last twenty years, art theft really did kick into high gear almost as soon as the calendars rolled over into the 2000s. It’s a pretty interesting list. And hey, if you’re a screenwriter who is forced to get up off the couch now that the strike is over and, you know, actually write something, there’s gotta be a least five good heist films buried in there.