Looking For A Good Place To Swim? Check Out This App

It’s summer and it’s hot outside. Don’t worry, there is an app to help you survive the heat by helping you find a good place to cool off and swim.

Created by Lake Ontario Waterkeeper, the Swim Guide app lets you search for beaches and swimming holes in your area using a geolocation technology. The app, which launches today for New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and the Chesapeake Region, has an index of more than 2,500 swimming locations across the U.S. and Canada. Each listing has a description and a photograph of the beach. 

The app is integrated with Maps, so you can map driving, walking and even public transportation directions to the destination. You can also use the map to check out water quality reports and even to report pollution at a site. The app even lets you share your swimming spots via Twitter, Facebook, email and text, which is nice since it’s always safer and more fun to swim with friends.