Looking Back at Domus


Reading this piece from Exduco, a destination for graduate school news and information, it feels like maybe it’s been translated from another language, because the lines all seem a bit jumbled. Though it could be because we’re still really exhausted from a very long work weekend. Regardless, don’t let that introduction keep you away from reading it. It’s about the Domus Academy‘s 25th anniversary and why one of the most famous design schools in the world has been successful, all under the umbrella of an event they held with a roundtable of international designers:

Ron Arad, Stefano Boeri, Carlotta de Bevilacqua, Andrea Granelli, Serhan Ada and Emilio Genovesi discussed the new meanings of design, which is becoming a successful instrument to state visions deriving from company culture concretely on the global market: in many situations people talk about design-driven innovation and design-driven companies. Design is becoming established as a means by which a new culture for international management may be created: it is therefore necessary to define innovative teaching pathways which can offer a dynamic relationship between the ability to design strategic scenarios and to design products.