Look Who Keeps Getting Cozy With Politico

The fling is intensifying.

Politico‘s “The Arena” flung its doors open wide this weekend and once again let Kurt Bardella offer his opinions. This time the subject matter was the potential government shutdown that never happened. Politico paved the way for Bardella getting fired last month after the former House aide leaked emails from reporters to NYT writer Mark Leibovich, who’s on leave to write a book about the incestuousness culture of Washington.

With each passing day, this arrangement only appears to preposterously reinforce the premise of Leibovich’s book. Politico became incensed after its own reporters broke the news that Bardella had shared the private emails. At the time, Editor-in-Chief John Harris wrote to House Oversight and Government Reform Chairman Darrell Issa (R-Calif.), saying Bardella had compromised his reporters’ emails and implored him to investigate. Within days Bardella was out.

When the ex-aide wrote his first opinion piece for Politico last month, Harris told FishbowlDC that he had nothing against Bardella and didn’t know him. This appeared to be a shift in thought from just two weeks earlier when Harris publicly questioned Bardella’s ethics and even published a story by Mike Allen spelling out what they described is the former aide’s strong affinity for self-promotion.

Read Bardella’s weekend opinion piece here.