Longoria Doesn’t Sell for Hulu

New animated show debuts minus sponsor

Were the NewFronts worth it?

That's the question some in the Web video industry might be asking, even as they prep for next year's week of shows. A few weeks ago, it was revealed that Yahoo hadn't sold advertisers on most of the big shows it presented to agencies and brands last spring, including Jack Black's Ghost Ghirls.  And on Wednesday, Hulu's anticipated animated series Mother Up! premiered, also with no sponsor.

Hulu seems to have high hopes for Mother Up!, which some have labeled a "female-oriented Family Guy." The video portal nabbed a name star, Eva Longoria, to produce and voice the show, which is about a high-powered record exec who is suddenly exiled to suburbia. Longoria even appeared at Ad Age's digital conference last April.

And of course, there was this year's NewFront, during which Mother Up! was featured as one of a handful of Hulu originals for sale. Alas, nobody jumped on board. Perhaps the hope is that an advertiser will jump on board if the show does well.

For its part, Hulu is still looking for a breakout hit, though Seth Meyer-backed The Awesomes has been renewed for a second season.

While the post NewFront market has been anemic, there are some exceptions. AOL has sold seven originals, including the newly launched documentary City Ballet.