Old Twitter Is Dead, Long Live #NewTwitter

Back in June Twitter started issuing warnings that users still clinging to the old version of the platform – Old Twitter, if you will – were going to be automatically upgraded to New Twitter ‘very, very soon’.

Well, brace yourselves, as that time has now come – Twitter has announced that everybody will be upgraded to New Twitter this week.

UPDATE: Old Twitter is now officially dead, at least for me. This screen grab taken on August 8 shows how the option to revert back to Old Twitter has now been removed from the Settings menu.

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The news came via a tweet from @Twitter:

In case you still haven’t made the switch, this video from Twitter gives you an insight into what you can expect.

(Incidentally, the great music in this clip is by Dutch band Freelance Whales, and you can download it on their website for free here.)

At the time of writing Old Twitter is still working – you can roll back yourself to have a cheeky look via the Settings menu on Twitter.com – but this should disappear for good in the next few days.

And I, for one, am glad. Old Twitter had many fans and this change will inevitably be greeted with howls of protest from some quarters, but let’s face facts: New Twitter is significantly better. I find myself using it a lot more. It’s just a much slicker, richer experience.

When you keep supporting old versions of anything you inevitably hold back development of the new, which hurts everybody. Hopefully this will allow Twitter to operate more freely. I’d love to see them take the bull by the horn bird by the beak and really swing away. Let’s face it – they’ve been pretty lacklustre ever since New Twitter was announced. Maybe this duality was the reason. I’m quietly hopefully that we can expect some glorious new features in the months to come.

(Hat tip: The Next Web.)

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