Lonesome at Lonesome Jim Premiere

Last night FishbowlNY went solo and attended the premiere of IFC’s Lonesome Jim, directed by Steve Buscemi, one of our absolute favorite Park Slopers. The film stars Casey Affleck (a.k.a The Tolerable One) as a struggling New York writer/dog-walker dealing with the horrifying prospect of moving back in with his suburban family. Boy, have we been there. It’s a heartfelt, slowburning comedy in the vein of Jim Jarmusch (Broken Flowers), rendered with Buscemi’s gentle, oddball touch and keen eye for beautiful monotony. Simple, you see, is the new complex.

The after-party at Chelsea’s loungey Home drew Buscemi, Michael Stipe, Affleck’s co-star Liv Tyler, John Ventimiglia (the dude who plays “Artie” on the Sopranos) and plenty of producer-types who all seemed to know how to make encroaching grays look cool. We spent part of the night disappointing people who thought we were Casey Affleck, the other waxing poetic about Vermont and indie rock with actress Gaby Hoffman and art gallery owner Pascal Spengemann.

Lonesome Jim trailer