LonelyGirl15: The New Face Of The U.N.

The U.N. — the United Nations, mind you — has enlisted Jessica Lee Rose, the star of the now-infamous LonelyGirl15 videos, to reprise her role in the name of promoting an upcoming antipoverty event. The video spot is being shown — where else — on YouTube, alongside other Web video stars.

Via the Wall Street Journal:

In total, “Bree” has been featured in 40 videos that have attracted over 20 million combined views, according to Greg Goodfried, one of the three men behind the series. The ad is the first marketing pitch to make use of the LonelyGirl15 character but it may not be the last, Mr. Goodfried said. After being approached by Y&R about two weeks ago, the group agreed to participate in the ad because it was “a really good cause” and the issue of poverty “is something that needs more attention,” says Ms. Rose, the actress appearing in the ad. Mr. Goodfried says they are open to more marketing alliances but says they wouldn’t want to let “Bree” become “overcommercialized.” “Internet fans are very sophisticated, they know when they are being marketed to, and they don’t like it,” he adds.

With all due repect to Mr. Goodfried, it’s probably too late for that, particulalry when YouTube users have given to posting LonelyGirl montages with titles like “Lonelygirl15 The Media Whore.”

Oh, and as of noon on Monday, the U.N. video had been viewed just 7,000 times.


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