London Olympic Committee: Make People Have Seizures and We Won’t Pay!


Remember way back when (see: June of this year), when, along with the billion other critiques and angry yelling surrounding the London Olympics logo, there was a story of the video accompanying the branding launch was making people sick? (read Alissa’s comprehensive rundown for a refresher). Design Week in the UK is now reporting that Live, the company that produced the film, isn’t going to be paid for their work, beyond just getting their production fees covered, by the governing Olympics body.

The decision follows a three-month inquiry into the production work by The London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games. Broadcasting regulator Ofcom has confirmed that it is the responsibility of broadcasters to ensure that televised footage conforms with guidelines.

According to a statement from Locog, ‘Live and London 2012 regret any distress or inconvenience that may have been suffered by those viewing the animated video produced by Live to support the launch of London 2012’s new logo. London 2012 is concerned to ensure that any future use of similar material meets all requirements.’