Location & LinkedIn Profile Data Meet in CanWeNetwork App

There are plenty of social apps out there that can help you find people in your vicinity to meet up with based on your location, but now there is an app that can do the same thing for professionals.

It’s called CanWeNetwork. The idea behind the app is to connect people with similar professional backgrounds and get them to meet in person based on their location coordinates.

The app’s software is built on top of LinkedIn data which it uses to match people based on where they work, what they do, what their skills are, what their educational background is, what they are interested in, and of course, where they are physically standing at any given moment. The app aims to get people together and aside from encouraging individual meet ups, it connects users to events and lets users create networks so that they can stay connected and find connections within the group, not unlike LinkedIn itself.

The app is available in 10 languages in more than 100 countries and has tens of thousands of users joining each month.