Local 1st May Reboot Party in Latvia

The 1st may tradition of changing website design have been established in year 2000 and now this tradition have turned in huge worldwide event for many designers and web activists. The idea of 1st May Reboot is to give website owners reason to think about importance of design, how to make it more interesting, individual and user friendly. If it is first time when you hear about this event go and check for more information about 2007 Reboot event and list of participants at 1st May Reboot page.

Reboot Party


This year a small group of Latvian bloggers (including me) have decided to promote this idea in Latvia and to try establish this tradition in our country. Our goal for this year is just to inform people of such idea and encourage them to give more attention to visual look of the page, how to make it more friendly to visitors and express their individuality trough design. For this reason we have created local 1st May Reboot page, to create place where other people can read about this event and see participants together with changes that they have made. In the future we want to attract more and more people to join us and whole worldwide event, because we trust that it can bring many good things to web and make life on the Internet more interesting and exciting.

The local title of this event is Reboot Party, because we want to make this event not only like showcase of the websites who are changing their design, but like event where people can express themselves, share their experience and ideas with others. After hard work this year we will have also a small afterparty dedicated to 1st May Reboot and firs toast will be dedicated to Digg.lv, local Digg page, who will celebrate first birthday and also will have reboot. But that’s not all – also RotorBlog.com is turning one year old in 1st May, which means that we will have more reasons to raise a glass 😉 And for my readers I promise to write few posts about 1st year achievements and my blogging experience.

List of sites participating in Reboot Party 2007:





Arturs Mednis



I really hope that this list next year will be few times longer, I also want to ask others to join 1st May Reboot and share Reboot idea, maybe like us – making local sites to inform people and create place where to exchange ideas, experience and thoughts about web design.

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