Llove Grove Back to DC?

It’s pretty much conventional wisdom at this point that Lloyd Grove’s contract with the Daily News will not be renewed when it expires at the end of this month.

Naturally, this sparks theories that Grove will return to DC. But where exactly would he land?

  • The Post won’t take him back.

  • The Washington Examiner has their team.

  • Since he’s so hot right now, the Washington Times probably won’t let John McCaslin go.

  • Roll Call’s already got Mary Ann Akers.

  • The Hill Newspaper just hired Emily Heil.

  • And Washington Whispers just wouldn’t be the same without Paul Bedard at the helm.

    So where else? Would he even think about taking a stab at the Wonkette opening? Or, thinking even more outside the box, do one of the various blogging empires have plans for another DC-centric blog that Grove could command? Maybe he’d want to do this?

    What do you think?