Liz Smith The Latest Journalism Casualty

Gossip columnist Liz Smith has been dropped by the New York Post after 33 years. Col Allan, Editor-in-Chief of The Post, decided against renewing Smith’s contract. Smith’s column had already been cut from six days a week to three.

Asks the New York Times:

But wait. She is Liz Smith. She has everybody’s phone number. Didn’t she call Rupert Murdoch?

“Oh, yeah, I had a meeting with Rupert,” she said of the chairman of News Corp, which owns The Post. “He said he wouldn’t interfere with Col Allan. Well, isn’t he right? Shouldn’t publishers believe in their editors?”

Of course they should. But so often they don’t.

We’re sad to see Liz Smith leave the Post. Sure, she’s old, batty, and something of a twat, but- well we like those characteristics in a woman. We even aspire to them. And she won’t exactly be unemployed- She’ll be writing for, working as a contributing editor for Parade magazine, and keeping her column alive via syndication to newspapers around the country. She will also be posting on the site, of which she is a co-founder.