LiveScribe Pulse Pen Flip Notepad Lets You Get Really Mobile

$200 was an awful lot of money to spend on a pen that I wasn’t sure I would like and use regularly. However, a poll of people I know who’ve had the pen for a year seemed to indicate that it was not a passing gadget fad for them. So, I bought a LiveScribe Pulse Smartpen a few weeks ago and feel like I’m getting my money’s worth so far. I really like not only being able to “backup” my writing and diagrams but also being able to associate audio recording and searching for written text (despite my awful handwriting) in the digital copy of my notes.

The one issue I found was that it is not always convenient to carry around the 8.5×11 spiral bound notebook with me. The $12.95 LiveScript Flip Notepad pack looks like a good solution for those times when I don’t want to carry a large notebook with me.

The pack includes the notepad cover seen in the photos above, a two-sided control card (for paper replay, status, nav plus and calculator functions) and 4 numbered flip notepads. Each notepad has 60 pages of the special microdot paper needed by the pen for its digital recordings. These notepad pages are one-sided unlike the 8.5×11 notebook paper. Each page has a perforation that lets it be torn cleanly from the notepad

The notepads are numbered like all paper products for the LiveScribe Pulse Smartpen. You can see that I activated Notepad 1 for use with my pen.