Ticketmaster Kicks CAPTCHA to the Curb

Time to raise a Bic lighter – spelled perhaps in this case “Bicc LighT73er” – in the direction of ticketmaster.com. The Live Nation website has delivered news on par with the notion of surprise overflow-availability for the first weekend of Coachella: they’re doing away with the more-maddening-than-ever security hoop of conventional CAPTCHA.

From this week’s release:

Ticketmaster is beginning the process of upgrading the hard-to-read squiggly lines with new, friendlier, easier to use solutions…

During the purchase process, fans will be presented with phrases, questions or ads from Solve Media instead of the normal, hard-to-read mix of characters that needed to be deciphered before proceeding with the transaction.

Anyone who has furiously tried on Ticketmaster to get seats for a marquee event right at availability knows there is no room for CAPTCHA refreshing. For an example of a movie trailer type-in verification widget created by Solve for Relativity Media and other nifty examples of the firm’s work, click here.